What NOT To Say On Someone Else’s Comment Section

Hello lovelies,

This is the second part of my sort of lessons-learned mini series that I’m writing for today, a sort of three-part bunch of life lessons I’ve learned and want to share with you all. Of course, I could just keep them to myself, but I hope that if you learn from my mistakes, it’ll help you avoid making them for yourself.

So it goes, I pointed out something that I was worried would get a blogger friend in trouble. Worse than that, I said that I “had seen some bad reviews” and “didn’t want you to suffer any more of them”. Yeah, in a place where anyone can read? That was ill advised.

Well, my own stupidity has cost me a friendship. Of course I’ve since learned from it, but there are a couple of other faux pas that I also see some other commenters make.

Learn HOW To Criticise

I’ll go first, I’m not too proud to put myself on the block before anyone else.

If you’re going to call someone out for something that you feel they’re doing wrongly, learn how to do it. Don’t point out other things wrong like I did, especially not in public, that was just a really shitty thing to do that I now deeply regret. It cost me a friendship with someone that I sincerely just wanted to help.

While I’m not completely for emailing someone instead of criticising their work, I can understand why some people would prefer it that way. Regardless, it’s important to remember that it’s not what you say, but how you say it. Just don’t say it like I did. Stick to the point and the facts, don’t draw in other concerns like I did.

Your Blogger Friends Are Not Your Real Friends

Please remember this lovelies. If you’re going to use names, please clarify who that is in relation to your story. I hear from several commenters most days. I won’t know who John is from Doris the dinner lady or Betty down the road if you don’t clarifywho these people are to you. Please remember we’re still kind of strangers to each other, so we won’t know who everyone is. A little clarification can go a long way!

Don’t Get Personal

I really, really shouldn’t have to write this point, but I’ve seen it done. Don’t leave you email, telphone number or any other personal information on a comments section of a blog. The author may be able to read it, but so can everyone else. There are some bad people on the internet who will think nothing of posting your personal information for all kinds of people on sites like 4Chan. Don’t give them the privilege!

Think About Your Image

Lastly, please don’t write anything that you wouldn’t want to remain forever on the internet. When you comment on a blog, sometimes people click on your little avatar, and they may give your blog a little visit. The comment under your avatar tells them something about you, and if it’s rude, vulgar or offensive then nothing else you say will mask it. Once you post it, it’s done, finished. It stays there then unless and until the blog owner decides to delete it.

Please be kind, be safe, don’t be offensive and above all else, don’t leave your brain on the nightstand!

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx



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