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Good evening lovelies,

I hope you’re all having a lovely Tuesday. It’s been a fun and busy lieu day with Wolfie today and we’ve had lots of fun trying out a British ration pack and getting on top of some housework. I was actually pleasantly surprised by the ration pack, the quality of military food has significantly improved since we were provided with surplus rations to eat whilst on Girl Guide camping trips, who knew? I surely didn’t!

Today’s TMI Tuesday post is a fill in the blanks post which I have fun completing, using some of my bratty side! It’s taken me all day to come up with some creative answers to seemingly loaded statements. In the end, I decided to stick to what I know best!

Why not take on the challenge for yourself? I’d love to read some of the creative and fun answers you can come up with!

Okay folks, let’s get started!

Fill in the blank

1. He beckons inside me repeatedly.

2. What excited me most was knowing how much trouble I was in and teasing him with the remote anyway.

3. I lounged around naked on the couch with my big bowlflul of popcorn and my newly-acquired TV remote.

4. Still bound and begging, and he promises that I’ll regret this if I don’t release him soon.

5. After kissing him once he says please, I gently unbound him.

Bonus: All I can think of is how quickly he’s likely punish me after this.

Alright lovelies, that’s it for this week. Don’t forget, if you want to join in the fun, copy the questions and fill in your answers on your blog then share the link to your post on TMI Tuesday’s blog so that we can all have a read!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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