TMI Tuesday – 4th August 2020

Hello Lovelies,

Welcome back to another TMI Tuesday post. Today were going to be taking a look at some more fun questions and answers while I assemble and finalise a fun and tasty review for you. Are you ready? Let’s get stuck in!

1. It’s okay if you don’t wear any _____ .

Makeup! Oh my goodness, 100%. Human beings are flawed and imperfect, inside and out. Why try to hide or change that? Anyone who judges another’s imperfections is showing imperfection themselves, honestly. I don’t wear make-up most days and my hair is usually back in a loose pony or messy bun. I have too much other stuff to do to be worrying about what other people think most of the time!

2. What on earth are you here for?

I hope, to bring some positivity and inspiration to the world. I don’t want to be one of those huge names that inspires big change. Heck, if I can make 10 people say “I’d never considered that before..” then I’ve set out to do what I wanted to do. “Helen” means “light”, and ideas are lightbulb moments, so you know, I’d like to think that I can encourage some good ideas..

3. What has been the best day of your life?

I want to say my wedding day because you know, marrying your love should be a good day. Unfortunately though, ours was a bit of a disaster! I think I’m going to say the day we got little Hugo, the view across the Welsh valleys, the short ride in my dream car (Mitsubishi Warrior L200 series, if good sex was a car..) and of course getting Hugo. The way he clung to me.. he’s led by my feet as we speak, and he’s dreaming..

The car ride home 🙂

4. Are you ordinary or extraordinary? Why?

You know, I want to say ordinary because I hate narcissism, and yet I feel like if I don’t say I’m extraordinary then I’m going to get panned by a few people and told that I’m extraordinary. I’ve got an IQ of approximately 124, putting me in the ‘very bright/gifted’ range. I’m also quite a humble person and an outward thinker which apparently is quite uncommon these days. I don’t like to say I’m exraordinary because I’m just the best and everybody should bow down to me. If I’m extraordinary, then it’s because I am what some people wish the vast majority of people would be instead of the prevalent ‘me, me, me’ society that we now live in, if that at all makes sense..

5. How do you want to be described by your friends?

Funny, kind and caring ideally. I don’t want to be remembered as a clown, but certainly someone who can make people smile. I don’t want to entertain, entertaining is shallow. I want to make people feel inspired and uplifted instead.

Bonus: After a breakup, would you rather be alone or surrounded by friends?

Alone, definitely. When I’m upset with people, I always like to go off into my own little world and listen to music and sometimes write. I’m Highly Sensitive, so when my emotions are frazzled they can get very frazzled. I don’t need long, usually only 10-20 minutes or so. If I like to be around people, it’s usually just one or two close people. I’ll listen, but sometimes I too need to talk..

I hope this post has given you some more insights into my thoughts and feelings. Don’t forget, if you want to join in the fun, copy the questions and fill in your answers on your blog then share the link to your post on TMI Tuesday’s blog so that we can all have a read!

Have a lovely Tuesday!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

2 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – 4th August 2020

  1. I don’t wear makeup either. I used to on special occasions.
    Hugo…so sweet.
    It makes sense. Sounds like you are confident, and caring.

    1. Helen @ TKC – Helen is a disabled blogger, an exemplary cook, a passionate writer and enthusiastic talker. She has an opinion on most things and enjoys helping and learning from people from all walks of life and all kinds of deviant desires. In her free time she can be found drinking tea, talking to the dog, annoying her husband or generally getting up to no good!
      Helen @ TKC says:

      I do on special occasions but it’s such a kerfuffle. I keep meaning to look at a tinted moisturiser but it’s really not on my list of priorities. If people don’t like me without my war paint on then I’m not going to waste more of my time trying to make them like me anyway.

      Confidence has been said many times. Caring? I have my moments. I probably wear my heart on my sleeve a lot more than I really want to let on sometimes but I also think we learn not to dive in quite so quickly with both feet first as we age. These days, I tend to hold a little piece of me back.

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