Sex comes with many surprises, new and exciting adventures, painful injuries and sometimes unwelcome bodily functions.The noise you never expect to hear though, is a loud and high-pitched POP!

I mean.. sure.. it was Saturday morning and Wolfie and I hadn’t played the night before, hormones were high and we had some catching up to do, but pop, what gives?

Wolfie stopped and looked at me and I looked at him. Neither of us could make that noise, that much we knew, so what did?

“Is there anything that could go pop in the bed?” he asked.

“Dad’s wine, but that’s corked shut and we weren’t rattling the bed that much”. I offered. My first thoughts were the pistons on the ottoman frame, if it was those, could they even be replaced?

Wolfie finished what he started and spanked me lightly,

“Right! Time to find out out what the noise was!” he said, jumping up with gusto.

I looked at him like he’d grown two heads. There was no way, men weren’t meant to have that kind of energy after sex!

He didn’t, and five minutes later he was asleep.

I let Wolfie sleep for twenty minutes, just a nap, this time. I drifted for a while myself but I knew there were things I needed to do.

Once Wolfie was up, I made the bed and drew back the curtains. That was when it struck me, my water bottle, my “juicie”, had been warmed by the sun and tiny oxygen bubbles had been released in the water, building up pressure and causing the lid to flip back which resulted in the early celebration, right at a moment in which it (almost) mattered most!

My “juicie”

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