That Time We Tried.. Snacks From Russia!

Good evening lovelies,

I cannot tell you how excited I was to receive this snack box. I have a fascination with Russia that simply cannot be described. For a long time, I’ve loved the way that President Vladimir Putin has responded to antagonism from the West, not just through military displays of power, but through sarcasm, too. I’ve long said that the Russian people and British people are remarkably similar and increasingly, I’m finding my theory to be at least somewhat true.

Of course, my family loves to torment me about my love for Russia. Living in the West, loving our Eurasian enemy is almost not allowed! In our interconnected, multipolar world, I love that opportunities like snack tasting and apps like Slowly allow us to connect, (hopefully!) overcome our differences and put mistrust and decades of antagonism behind us. I’ve definitely made friends with some of the Russian people, and you know what? We really aren’t that different after all!

Alright, let’s get started!

Mini Free Onion Rings

These potato snacks are shaped like onion rings and have strong mushroom flavout which is apparently popular in Russia. They are light, crispy and great for snacking on!

Winner or Binner? I’m not a huge fan of the taste of mushroom, so these were a bit of a Binner for me at first. With that being said, they did grow on me (no pun intended) and Wolfie liked them, so I suppose a Winner after all- eventually!

Khrustyashy Kartofel crisps

Khrushtyashy Kartofel potato crisps

Rumoured to be the thinnest crisp for the crispiest crunch, these potato crisps have a dusting of a cheese flavour for a delicious bite.

Winner or Binner? Unfortunately, we really couldn’t tell that the crispiness of these was any different from any other crisp available in the UK. A good cheese flavour, but overall a bit disappointing. A Binner.

3 Korochki

3 Korochki crouton snacks

These cute little croutons are flavoured with tomato and herbs and come in a small bag, handy for snacking at school or work.

Winner or Binner? These were so hard and they had a bit of a strange aftertaste. A Winner for Wolfie, but a Binner for me. My poor teeth!

Kirieshki croutons

These are very similar to 3 Korochki, but salmon and cheese flavour and they come with a pot of tartare sauce for dipping. Very cute, and very novel!

Winner or Binner? I actually preferred these. The flavour is milder and the tartare sauce adds a coolness and moistens them a little. A Winner!

Biskvit cake banana

We had a hard time figuiring out what this little guy was supposed to be. The pamphlet wasn’t any clearer. A shortbread biscuit with a banana flavoured filling in the shape of a fun animal? Useful!

Winner or Binner? Binner. The banana cream filling was intensely flavoured and overbearingly sweet. Sorry, Russia!

Lucky Rolls

Lucky Rolls wafer snack

Supprisingly simple and just like one of my favourite treats – sugar waffles! This waffle is covered in condensed milk and rolled into this crispy, sweet treat.

Winner or Binner? Unfortunately, ours didn’t travel at all well and was in too many bits for me to even photograph to show you. It was sweet, but it was also lacking. It had so much potential to me more and ywt it just wasn’t. Sadly, another Binner.

Yashkino Dutch Waffle

Okay, so technically this is a Dutch snack made in Russia but.. do you remember when you were young, your grandmother always had the best treats in? My grandmother was like that, and I do remember that Dutch waffles were something she introduced me to. Quite simply, Dutch waffles are two soft waffles sandwiched together with a layer of caramel.

Winner or Binner? Win, win, win! The hardest part of trying (or rather, reminding yourself of) Dutch waffles was not buying more of them. An easy Winner!

Basker wheels

These soft pancakes are filled with raspberry jam that promises plenty of fruitiness in every bite. We didn’t find that quite true, but they were still nice.

Winner or Binner? Remember I mentioned my grandmother just now? These took me right back to her. My grandmother used to make plain vanilla cakes that the would top with a thin layer of raspberry jam and then roll in coconut to hide any burnt bits. They were deilicious and imperfect and Basker Wheels just reminded me of sitting in her garden and eating one of her cakes by the pond. Another Winner!

Yashkino soft waffle

These soft, rectangular breakfast waffles are sandwiched together with a tart cherry filling. They’re also pre-packed making them superb for breakfast on the go.

Winner or Binner? Once the cherry bakewell flavour wears off, what’s left is a bizarre taste of manufacturing. It has so much potential, but the taste of mass production seeps through. Sadly, this was a Binner for us.

Krutfrut jelly candy

From the car on the front and the shapes of these candies (we think they’re boats, motocycles and planes!), my guess is that they are maybe made with travel in mind. They’re also made with flavours that are almost unheard of in the UK, like raspberry, passion fruit and pomegranate!

Winner or Binner? Another easy Winner! These are super chewy, super fun and super fruity. I love it!

Alyonka chocolate bar

This bar gets it’s name from the daughter of the first woman in space, and there is a portrait of her on the wrapper. Because of my love of Russia, I’ve decided to buy a scrapbook, and I will definitely be adding the bar from this wrapper to it!

Winner or Binner? The most disheartening thing about this bar was learning that, because of the sanctions imposed on Russia over the invasion of Crimea, the value of this bar is just 22 pence (29 US cents). It’s a good quality chocolate, the sort of thing that you would expect to pay at least £1 for in the UK. It’s a Winner for sure with a wonderful story, but it does make me realise how badly these sanctions must be hurting the Russian people.

What surprised me most was.. again with music, we listened to some Russian music while we tried our snacks. You never think you’d hear Russians rap like you’d hear from the USA, but we definitely listened to some Russian rap music, some Russian pop music and some other pieces that were clearly quite emotive, too. In all of this, I just got the sense that we’re really not that different, that perhaps as a global community we can convince our leaders to find peace in a global love of music and food. Here’s hoping!

Alright lovelies, that’s it for today. Tomorrow, we’ll be having a little chat about my birthday 🙂

Enjoy your evening!

Be Bold. Be Bright, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx

PS. Check out the additional Babushka doll button that came all the way from Russia.. how cute is she?!

Babushka doll button from SnackCrate

10 thoughts on “That Time We Tried.. Snacks From Russia!

  1. I’m a Yank and I love the Russians too
    They learned to be resourceful and self-reliant living under Communism. The state controlled economy failed, more often than not, so they created an off the books economy. They kept their Faith, despite, persecution and spies
    I wish our three countries would sit down and derive a working system for security again.

    1. Absolutely, and I felt that our little taste of Russia really showed that. You could almost tell that some of these recipes started off somewhere in someone’s kitchen. They weren’t intended to become business, just just did.
      That sounds great. To achieve that though we need three wise men, and that, my friend, is where the problem lies.

      1. Haha, I want to believe you! I always tried to convince people to give him a chance, his “thighland” moment left me in a bind though. I try to have faith, but he’s had some real corkers.

      2. Here in America, the mainstream media’s bias against President Trump is so blatant that much of the country has deep scepticism about anything they report now.

      3. Somehow I can quite believe it too. It’s not unlike the BBC here in the UK. The bias and fearmongering is so blatant that a lot of people have switched off,and then there’s the Bristol Post 😉

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