TMI Tuesday – 8th September 2020

1. Would you help pay for your own engagement ring?

My engagement ring? No. Now I’m of the opinion that, basically, as long as it’s 925 sterling silver (I have a nickel allergy). I don’t care what crystal it’s set with. If it’set with diamonds, great, if it’s set with cubic zirconia, that’s cool too. I’m not about materialism, it’s the sentiment behind it that matters.

Now, would I help pay for my engagement ring? No. However, I did end up paying for our engagement dinner! So the story goes, Mr Wolfie got so nervous that he forgot his debit card. We’d just put away a two-course meal and the restaurant were looking for someone to pay-up. Mr Wolfie couldn’t pay, so I had to. I still said yes!

2. Were you ever afraid to masturbate?

Afraid to masturbate? No, however, I did scare myself the first time that I did. I remember having that all encompassing feeling (I know it’s now called an orgasm!) and thinking I was about to die. I mean I sort of did, so.. yeah. I’ve had lots of little deaths since, though! 😉

3. These days what gives you most comfort?

Probably my family. I mean I spent a pre-birthday celebration with my five nearest and dearest, and aside learning that my mother’s cat was probably the unfortunate victim of a car accident, it was a pretty good night. I’m a homebody and a family woman, so if it’s not my family or pets, it’s probably music or my blog.

4. What is distinct about you?

So it is said, I am eloquent. I’ve had so many guys (not to toot my own horn here!) fawn over me because of my eloquence, it’s kind of a little cringeworthy! I don’t try and be anything I’m not, I’m not an act, I’m just.. me. That. and possibly my attitude. I don’t go with the flow, I’m that girl who says “hang on a minute.. what if? .. I think that..”. I’m not afraid to go against the grain and voice my own opinion, but because I actually have something else to say, not just because I want to stir up an argument.

A latest example would be in a conversation with a friend about Covid-19. He said that it looked as though the lockdown was going to come back, and I said that it was likely to experience a huge public uproar if the UK government tried. Within a few hours, there was also a news article on the BBC News website which talked about the importance of minimising deaths while balancing people lives and the economy, and the monumental task that the government now face. I’m a political centrist so far left or far right stories don’t usually wash with me. I like to have a debate sometimes, but only if you have something different to say and only if you are willing to also listen to my point of view. Some jump over the first hurdle but fall flat on the second, which is a shame.

Bonus: What in the past week has given you immense joy?

It sounds daft, but my brother. He has the sweetest, purest heart that I’ve ever known. I’m not naming him, because my brother was a minor UK celebrity in the late 2000’s, but he’s a phenomenal guy. He bought me not one but two bottles of designer perfume for my birthday, Paco Rabanne’s Lady Million and Caroline Herrara’s Good Girl. I firmly believe that the Lady Million was not a complete pot luck name, if I know my brother, he picked that out especially because of the name and just how much he thinks of me. It’s a nice fragrance, but I don’t believe that was the sole reason behind his purchase. As for Good Girl, I’m going to have to sell that one on. I’ve been wearing Good Girl every time Kinky Fuckery Friday rolls around, so it was really awkward for my brother to buy me another bottle of the same fragrance! I didn’t say anything, but I will have to part with that bottle and buy more of that fragrance myself when I run out… for obvious reasons!

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this post. I’m off now until Thursday when I’ll try and be a little more joyful. I am aware that my 30 Days Of Submission post didn’t make it up on Sunday either, so I will try and get that done for you, possibly tomorrow if I have time!

Enjoy your Tuesday evening!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun.

Helen xx

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