Why Can’t I Comment On Your Blog?

Hey friends,

A number of you have reached out to me recently to let me know that you were having difficulties commenting on my blog. I investigated the issue because I was sure that I hadn’t disabled comments or pingbacks, but you know, these things will always make you question yourself.

Nope, both little blue boxes were ticked. Sure enough, when I tested it for myself, it said that it couldn’t post my comment then, either.


It’s taken me a lot of investigating and tweaking and adjusting this evening (ahem, early morning) but finally, finally I found the culprit. You see, having security is one thing, but perhaps the security I was using was actually a little bit too strong. Instead of defending against brute force attacks, my security was blocking almost any comment at all!

Not to worry, I’ve sorted it now and enabled a different plugin instead. I’ve also tested it again and comments seem to work fine now so please feel free to comment to your heart’s content and if the problem persists, of course, please do give me another nudge.

Failing that, don’t forget that you can also reach me on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. I’m not always glued to my phone, but I do delight in hearing from you!

Until next time,

Be Bold, Be Bright, Be Beautiful.

Helen xx

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