Fixed It!

Good evening lovelies,

Last week, I posted this post after a number of you reached out to let me know that you couldn’t comment on my blog. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts and intentions, the problem still persisted. Frustrated but not defeated, I carried on with the good fight.

It’s taken me several days of reading and tinkering, trial and error to work out what was really going on. I followed all kinds of tips and tricks that I’d read online, but nothing seemed to work. I tried changing my theme and disabling my plug-ins, nothing, but nothing, allowed my comments on my blog.

For a while, I feared for the future of my blog. Without comments and interactions, I was worried my readers would give up on me. Quitting my blog at this point wasn’t an option; I had to fix this problem.

Snooping around a bit more, I came across several accounts of this issue, all with varying suggested solutions. Toggle Askimet, some commenters said, but Askimet doesn’t let you toggle it.

Now what? Are my blogging days doomed?

It took installing the Health Check plugin to test my site and see that it was fine, and it took troubleshooting not to troubleshoot anything. All of these easy fix solutions weren’t fixing the solution for me, what on earth could be going on?

Fortunately for me, a very kind and upbeat ‘Happiness Engineer’ pointed out this setting under Jetpack’s ‘Discussion’ tab:

If you find that some your commenters can no longer comment on your blog posts, visit Settings > Discussion, scroll down and make sure that this option is toggled OFF. Don’t stress out like I did!

So, I thank you all for bearing with me for this stressful past few days and thankyou also to my technical ner.. ahem, guys, Bill and Wolfie, who helped me fix the issue. I’m not going to be too complimentary, I don’t want to have to widen any doorways this side of Christmas 😉

If there’s anything you’ve wanted to comment on in the time that comments have been an issue, go crazy. I always read your comments and try my utmost to respond to them as soon as I can.

Enjoy your evening all!

Be Bold, Be Briht, Be Beautiful,

Helen xx

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