TMI Tuesday – December 1, 2020

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1. Are movie star sex symbols a thing of the past?

I think, probably the past. I think now, a lot more people are into musical people, members of boy bands and the such.

2. Who was your favorite sex symbol while you were growing up?

Peter Andre. I still think a lot of Peter now, you know, he does nice things for people. There was a rumour that his abs were surgical implants made of fibreglass but I don’t think that’s true. Google had nothing on it, so I guess it’s another 90’s rumour.

3. Of present day stars, who do you consider to be a legitimate sex symbol? Why?

You know, I always kind of digged Will Mellor from Two Pints Of Lager And A Packet Of Crisps. He’s cheeky and playful, and I like cheeky and playful. Paul Hollywood from Great British Bake Off too, kind of, he’s got that real silver fox vibe. I really don’t know, I think people can have a sexiness, rather than be a sex symbol. Make sense? I’m really not into your Adonis types, though saying that, Jamie Dornan does have something very cheeky and boyish about him..

4. Do you have what it takes to be a sex symbol? Tell us at least 3 things that make you a sex symbol (or not).

You know, I kind of want to say no (because I don’t like to inflate my ego) and yet for some people, I seem to have whatever it takes. I’m confident, playful and I do enjoy some serious wordsmithery. I’ve been known to beguile a few people with my ways, but a sex symbol? I wouldn’t say so. If I am, I haven’t tried to achieve it.

5. The following can be celebrities or people in your life.
– Name someone who was sexy younger and is still sexy today? (à la Helen Mirren)

Oh that has to be Mr Wolfie. Just today I was looking at him and asking myself how the hell I got to be so lucky – he’s gorgeous!

– Name someone who was a bit goofy when younger but has gotten sexy with age? (à la Jeff Goldblum)

You know, I think that applies to Seth Rogen. In his Pineapple Express / Knocked Up days, he irritated the crap out of me. As he’s kind of aged though, I think he has a slightly more deeper look about him. It’s hard to put my finger on, but it’s there.

– Name someone who was sexy when younger but has lost that sex appeal?

I think, much to my annoyance, that has to be Matthew Sevilla, aka James Deen. I used to majorly dig James, he was like my first taste of rough sex movies (countless hours on!). I still remember this one movie, James portrayed a bartender and the customer is just flirting with him and enjoying his company. Long story short, she gets drunk and when she wakes up, she finds herself bound and turned into his sex slave. I didn’t know why, but all of that face slapping and throat fucking really appealed to me, but then I heard about the stories of him abusing women for real. You know, what we do is not real, it is, in effect, play pretend. We don’t hate our partners and we don’t think we are really worse than they are, BDSM is just a great way to explore the shadow self. Still though, the BDSM community takes a steadfast approach to abuse and if these stories are true, then sorry, that’s not okay. Consensual rough play is sexy, domestic violence is not.

Bonus: Name a sex symbol living or dead whose bedroom skills you would not mind testing out?

I had to think about this one, but then every woman in the UK loves Aidan Turner. I remember a really rough and bloodied vampire sex scene in Being Human where John Mitchell (Aidan Turner) fucks a girl in a round of clothes-ripping passion in the bathroom, feeds on her and transforms her so that she can be with him. Now that really is a better love story than Twilight.. he’s got something pretty dark and brooding about him, so you know, maybe..

I’m now imagining a Fifty Shades style movie with Aidan Turner cast where Jamie Dornan would normally be. It’s quite delicious!

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoy this post and have a wonderful Tuesday afternoon/evening.

Until next time!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun.

Helen xx

3 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday – December 1, 2020

  1. I did enjoy this post.

    “I’m confident, playful and I do enjoy some serious wordsmithery.”

    That combo is very sexy.

    1. Helen @ TKC – Helen is a disabled blogger, an exemplary cook, a passionate writer and enthusiastic talker. She has an opinion on most things and enjoys helping and learning from people from all walks of life and all kinds of deviant desires. In her free time she can be found drinking tea, talking to the dog, annoying her husband or generally getting up to no good!
      Helen @ TKC says:

      That is the word on the street, my dear 😉

  2. Pete Symes – Here – Purveyor of paralogical compliance to verbally mediated reality, artisanal smut, with a pinch of full time flâneur tossed in to taste.
    Pete Symes says:

    I do agree that sex symbols may be a thing of the past. It seemed back in the day they were surrounded by ordinary to down right homely character actors in most films and TV shows. Today everybody in major productions are drop dead gorgeous. Even the extras. Or maybe my eyesight is failing. Either way it’s all eye candy to me.

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