TMI Tuesday: 22nd December 2020 – Matt Answers

TMI Tuesday is up! I’m feeling pretty good, how about you?

1. What’s your best excuse to get out of an invitation?

 I don’t like declining an invitation, but if I need to make an excuse it’s usually something to do with money as running a flat and having Jack Rusell that eats you out of house and home can get expensive!

2. When was the last time you ended a relationship of any kind? What was the nature of the relationship?

This is a difficult one, I am generally not one to end any sort of relationship, I try to keep the door open to anyone who needs support, I have had to end one friendship due to toxic behavior towards myself and Helen. 

3. Tell us about a phone call or email that you needed to make but were apprehensive to do? Did you ever make the call or send the email?

I had to call my dad and talk to him about some unacceptable behavior when visiting us one weekend, it took a lot for me to call him and talk to him. In the end I wrote down all the points I wanted to make and called him, but it was difficult.

4. Tell us one or two things you do daily as self-care.

I am honestly not the best person to ask about self care, but I ensure that I take breaks away from my computer during my lunch breaks and I drink plenty of water… well, squash.

5. What are you looking forward to in the holiday season or the coming new year?

I know it’s very cliché but spending time with family, eating good food and having a few drinks. 

Bonus: In what situations, do you wish you could throw down a smoke bomb and disappear?

Oh I have had plenty of these moments! When my dad has said something embarrassing in front of my friends, when I’ve put my foot in it, any awkward conversation, take your pick! 


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Happy TMI Tuesday!

One thought on “TMI Tuesday: 22nd December 2020 – Matt Answers

  1. Ohhhh, Jack Russell. <3
    Sounds like a good decision but still tough I am sure.
    Smart that you wrote it all down first so you did not forget all you needed to say.

    Welcome to TMI Tuesday. Thank you for sharing.

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