TMI Tuesday: 29th December 2020 – Helen Answers

Good morning lovelies, and what a sunny, frosty day it is!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and you’re looking forward to ringing in the new year. We had a small, simple gathering of five with some really wonderful food and laughs. It was exactly the sort of thing we all needed right now – a reprieve from the grind of battling this pandemic, a moment of togetherness to lift our spirits for the long haul. The new year will be even smaller, with Bristol now under Tier 3 restrictions. I’m hoping that the new rules will do something to dampen down the local tendencies to go crazy with firework displays but sadly, I don’t think it will.

Before Thursday though, it’s that time of the week again, the time of the week whereby TMI Tuesday flexes my brain cells and has me considering questions I’ve never been asked before. It’s always fun though, so without further ado, let’s dive in!

1. What is the dumbest thing you are reading and writing right now? (uh-huh I know what you’re thinking :p)

Aww I would never! The TMI Tuesday gang is a great bunch, so no, definitely not that. I think for me, it probably has to be the news. It’s stupid because I know it’s biased and I know they always put a negative spin on things, but do you think that stops me checking up 6-8 times a day in case there’s a more positive update? Nope.

As for writing? I write with intent, so I don’t think any of my writings are dumb. I mean I avoid TikTok for a reason. If I think something is dumb, I won’t waste my time on it 😉

2. If you were to start your own country who would sing your national anthem?

Oh my goodness, Depeche Mode! Without a shadow of a doubt. Dave Gahan’s voice is like what I imagine what it would be if you could mix silk, satin and velvet, pour it into a bottle and drink it. Don’t believe me? Just take a listen to this one:

3. If you were to be eaten by an animal of your choice (and you will die), what animal will eat you? Why?

It’d have to be cats, because then I could come back as Catwoman, and that would be awesome. Oh, and I can crack a bullwhip – fear me :p

4. What word makes you smile?

Word? Ugh. I think maybe “tastes”, just because it’s what Matt and I always use before playfully biting one another, so let’s go with that one.

5. What word makes you cringe?

It’s not a word in the Marriam-Webster dictionary, but when I see Little submissives use “otay” or any part of that internet language where they replace letters with w’s (“sowwy” instead of sorry, “pwease” instead of please etc), it really grinds my gears. I’m fine with whatever people want to do in their BDSM relationships, but when you don’t speak that language and you see it on BDSM forums, it can be very hard to read and I will usually ignore comments and posts written using “Little speak” as I don’t have the time to decipher the language (sorry). Not everyone kinky is into the Daddy Dom kink and Little speak, and I think that using that speak on a forum is a fatal mistake to make because you risk excluding so many great people and potential friendships. When you use a universally-understood language (like plain English), you’re more likely to get responses from a wider range of people because your post is easier to understand, looks more grown-up and respectable and you aren’t excluding certain groups of people who don’t share your particular interests.

Bonus: Will you board the love train?

Eh, probably not. I’m an ambivert, so while I’m not necessarily shy, I’m not exactly the life and soul of the party, either. Turning up is enough for me, joining in just isn’t something I do. Instead, I’ll be on the outside, engaging in a more mentally stimulating conversation.

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this post. Be sure to check back later for more great reads, and above all else..

Have a very happy 2021!

Until next time.

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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