Send Us Your Questions!

Good evening lovelies,

I hope you’re all having a wonderful Sunday. This week has been absolutely crazy for our blog and one of the things we’ve been hearing time and time again is how many of you love that we’re both here now. Of course, I still do the mainstay of the work, but with Matt chipping in a TMI Tuesday post once a week and his participation in the Husband & Wife Tag , you guys seem to be really digging that. So, we decided, why not give you a chance to ask us some questions of your own?

It can be anything you like, maybe something you’ve always wondered about life in the UK, maybe something food-related, something kinky or something completely random. Have fun with it, then be sure to check back on the following Tuesday for our answers!

Your questions will be answered by BOTH of us, unless addressed otherwise. You can leave your questions in the comments below or at the end of our next TMI Tuesday posts. Alternatively, if you prefer anonymity, you can email us at .

Stay safe & have fun!

Until next time,

Helen & Matt xx

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