TMI Tuesday: 5th January 2021 – Matt Answers

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And now onto today’s questions, with special thanks to Corrupting Mrs Jones!

Hey all and a happy new year all! 

Finally out of a horrible 2020 and now back into a lockdown, well in the UK at least. 

Hope you had a good one! It was a quiet one at Wolfie HQ. We watched movies and ate bad party food. 

1. What was the best part of your holiday season?

Spending time with family, we went to Kitten’s Mum’s house with my dad, had dinner and spent time together, it was a nice way to spend Christmas Day.

2. Did you have the opportunity to get down and dirty over the holidays? Please share.

 Well a gentleman never tells.. But there might have been some late night take out pizza and wings..

3. You receive a gift from a family member that is exactly what you DID NOT want. Do you:

a. Smile politely and bin it at the first opportunity?

b. Say thank you and re-gift it next year?

c. Do some detective work and return it at the first opportunity?

d. Try and tactfully suggest something more appropriate for next time

I would say A or C. This sort of happened to me this Christmas, I just smiled politely and gave it to someone who would appreciate it more than myself.

4. Sex toys as gifts yea or nay? Was there a time when you unexpectedly opened something R-rated in front of your family? Tell us about it.

We sometimes exchange less family-friendly gifts! For example, this year I received a very nice brand new flogger from Kitten. Luckily, we spend Christmas morning together so there is no risk of opening anything R-rated in front of family – I don’t think I could cope with the embarrassment! 

5. What is the best present your significant other has given you?

Wow this is a hard decision. I am a massive Newcastle United fan (and football fan generally) as you will discover, I’m sure. Out of all the great presents Kitten has brought for me, I would say either of the signed Newcastle United shirts would be my favourite – but there have been a lot of great gifts over the years! 

Bonus:  Share your New Year’s resolution(s) or reasons why you do not make them.

I don’t really have one, I think improvement should be a year long project, not something that is promised in January and broken by the end of Feb. There are certainly things I want to improve about myself but I’m not putting any time scales on it. 

I hope you enjoyed my answers this week, don’t forget to if you have any questions please drop us an email or leave a comment below. 

Until next time, Take care! 


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