TMI Tuesday: 12th January 2021 – Helen Answers

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And now, onto today’s questions!

1. First question relates to the photo above–what is it?

Okay, so the logical person in me says it’s salmon, perhaps on fluffy white rice, but the romantic in me can’t help but think it’s an aerial view of the Himalayan mountains at sunset. I know, so romantic.

2. Should we be signalling our existence to alien life? Why?

Sure, and I have a few ways of looking at this. On the one hand, maybe they will be friendly aliens and we can form some kind of intergalactic trade & security alliance (possibly too much Men In Black?), or, maybe they will be hunky, equally friendly aliens who will abduct me and probe me with little regard for my personal wants and desires, allowing me to check off that long-standing sordid little fantasy of mine in a truly celestial fashion. Failing that and they truly are villainous creatures who use human blood to power their crafts (that noise has long given me nightmares), then it’s truly been a pleasure knowing you all!

3. What is one thing you do not understand about yourself?

How I can be so darn passionate one day and so darn lazy the next. I’ll have a day where I check off sixteen items from my to-do list, and the next? Three.

4. What weird food combinations do you really enjoy?

Matt hates me for this, but dates and cottage cheese in a sandwich. The cool, salty tartness of the cheese and the sweetness of the dates? Heavenly. Oh also, my Dad used to add packet sage & onion stuffing mix to tinned tomato soup when he was sick and now I do it, too. Honestly! It’s delicious. I also drink coke & milk 😉

5. What are two of your go-to strategies to help make big decisions?

I get spiritual. I meditate and ask Dad to talk to me and guide me. We just have discussions and he is never wrong. True story, about six weeks after his passing, I planted some Cosmos – Dad’s favourite flowers – in our garden. I stood back and muttered “I hope they’re okay, Dad” and I heard him say “don’t worry about them, they’ll do just fine”. 8 out of 11 of them flowered later that year.

Aside that, I brainstorm my ideas and decide the pro’s and cons of each. Matt and I are planning some stuff right now but there are so many details and each time we come to one of them, we evaluate it realistically, rather than with pie-high ambition. Okay, so basically we’re planning to renew our vows in 2023 (you heard it here first, WordPress!) because a lot has happened in ten years but one of the biggest niggles is stuff like who to invite, what to do and how much to spend. We had a lot of issues with our wedding as it was and just as many people who came to our wedding, but haven’t spoken to us since. Weddings and vow renewals cost money, so if we do anything, we want to do something special and personal. The idea we’re kind of running with right now is a kind of private ring exchange, followed by a party. Matt wants a barbecue, I’m hellbent determined on a masquerade ball. How will that look? We shall see! We have a venue in mind too which is special to us but in true foodie fashion, we need to see better reviews coming from them before we book!

Bonus: How replaceable are you?

I want to say I’m not, and yet the tragic reality is that we all are. I’d like to think I’m less replaceable in that I’ve never been a fan of groupthink so I have what I think are my own ideas, but then, there are others who don’t like groupthink also, who probably have some similar ideas as me. Does that then make me a victim of an anti-groupthink groupthink myself? Mind blown!

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed today’s post. Don’t forget, if you have any questions for us for next time, leave them down below or drop us an email!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen xx

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