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Good evening lovelies,

Oof! What a week it’s been. From being a casual blogger, suddenly I’m in demand and the pressure is on! Not to worry though because I have everything under control. It’s a nice feeling though because with that pressure comes the opportunity to excel myself, to grow as a writer and to show what I can do. Now is just the start of what I hope will proceed to be the start of something far, far greater.

If you’re interested, you can take a read of my first guest post via the link here. In this post, I talk about my experiences with cervical screening and the fact that the process isn’t painless and stress-free for every woman, as it certainly wasn’t for me.

Alright, let’s get onto today’s questions!

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1. For you, what would be the worst store to have a $1,000 gift card for?

I was in two minds about my answer to this question .On the one hand is the fact that I’m a perisher for a good deal and I like to get plenty of bang for my buck, so for me, somewhere that I deem to be ridiculously overpriced (I’m thinking Marks & Spencer as one such example) would be bad for me. However, worse than that for me would be some sort of fashion or beauty boutique. Seriously, I have my own fashion and style, so I’d probably just walk in to one of these places, conclude that I didn’t like anything and leave. Oh, and Naked Wines vouchers are the worst. Seriously, I have no use for a voucher that gives me £15 off of a £70 wine order. I don’t even spend that much on food in a week, never mind alcohol!

2. Besides a raise or more vacation time, what is the best perk a company can offer you?

Honestly? Probably my own team. I’m a born leader, so I don’t do well under other people. In class projects, a lot of people used to look to me to lead, and so I did. The last time I nearly got to work for a company in a team, I was offered a voluntary position under my Mum. It wasn’t working under my Mum that was the problem, it was working under management on the whole. I just felt this really sickening feeling of being under someone, that I wasn’t free to do what I wanted or what I thought was right, I simply had to do as I was told. I need to lead. I’m not submissive to Matt because I can’t function for myself, he knows I can. I’m submissive to my husband because without him and his leadership, I would go and go and go until I went pop! I need someone to take care of me and to take control of me to remind me that I also need to take time for myself. It’s no good telling me to put myself first – I seem to make a habit of not remembering!

3. What are you most likely very wrong about?

Gamers. I grew up in a household where being a video gamer was seen as something very sad and for people with no potential or life, so when I meet gamers, it’s hard for me to see that they have any potential, that they will become anything or that gaming can even be a profession in itself. I used to be allowed half an hour of video games per night, then I’d have to go and find something ‘better’ to do!

4. What is something you borrowed but never gave back?

So I got reminded about the hoodie that I bought for Matt’s 21st birthday, borrowed one day and then kind of kept. It’s now in my ’emotional first aid’ box. It’s battered, peeling, holed.. still has life in it, though..

Bonus: What have you struggled with your entire life?

Finding my worth. I knew that I had potential, I just didn’t know what in. Being disabled but not too disabled, I was sort of in a bubble of ‘could do something but we don’t know what’, neither working nor being permanently on benefits, if that makes sense? I’d accepted my fate, but at the same time I always felt that I shouldn’t be on benefits, that I don’t deserve to be on benefits, that there are far more disabled people than me, that are far more entitled to that money and sometimes, it seems as though the DWP think that, too. I’ve long dreamed of finding a way in which I can start making enough of my own money that I can write to the DWP and say “hey, thankyou for all of the support but I’ve finally found my way doing something that I can do. Please give that support to someone else who needs it.”. It’s a pipeline dream at this stage, but a girl can hope. When I started blogging, I didn’t anticipate that I would be any good at it, but I was willing to try. Two years later and I have people asking me to write for them. Will I finally find my worth and realise my potential in writing? Who knows? Maybe!

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed today’s answers. Don’t forget to join us tomorrow for March’s blog update!

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun.

Helen xx

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Mommy’s little bodyguard 😀

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  1. Pete Symes – Here – Purveyor of paralogical compliance to verbally mediated reality, artisanal smut, with a pinch of full time flâneur tossed in to taste.
    Pete Symes says:

    Yep, when it comes to hoodies possession is nine tenths of the law IMHO.

    1. Helen @ TKC – Helen is a disabled blogger, an exemplary cook, a passionate writer and enthusiastic talker. She has an opinion on most things and enjoys helping and learning from people from all walks of life and all kinds of deviant desires. In her free time she can be found drinking tea, talking to the dog, annoying her husband or generally getting up to no good!
      Helen @ TKC says:

      Well then, that’s that settled. Plus, it has my surname on it.

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