TMI Tuesday, 16th March 2021

Good morning lovelies,

Today is our first week of doing things a little bit differently. For several weeks now, Matt has struggled to get his TMI Tuesday up on time and we really weren’t sure where things were headed. I suggested to him that we just compiled our answers into one instead and alas, here we are! You know, sometimes a girl just has to boss the Boss 😉

Alright, I can’t wait to see how this will pan out. Let’s dive in!

What Is TMI Tuesday?

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1. If you pay someone to do one chore what would it be?

Helen: I’ve thought about hiring someone to pick up around the home before, or maybe a gardener, or perhaps a dog walker. I feel like I wear many masks and there is still only one person running those errands – me!

Matt: I’d definitely hire someone to empty the bins!

 2. If I gave you $1,000,000 usd, how much would you give to charity? 

Helen: I feel like 20% would be a good amount. I want to buy a nice-ish house but I wouldn’t want a mansion. Three-bedroom, separate lounge, kitchen and dining area, semi-terraced or detached and not in a rough neighbourhood? That would do me! I also think that 200,000 USD would be generous, but not too generous that people thought I just had money to give away.

Matt: I would give 25%. It’s a decent amount for any charity to receive, I feel.

3. What is the most annoying thing your (current or past) partner does with money? 

Helen: Matt is really frugal with money, and I mean, I understand not wanting to waste money, but he’s really, really frugal! Matt grew up with hardships so for him, money is a scarcity and should be kept hold of, but I don’t really see money that way. If you need something, you buy it, right? I don’t do trends, but if I need something now, I’m not saving up for three weeks to buy it unless I really, really have to. I grew up with that and it annoyed me so now, I think, if I have the money, I’m just gonna go ahead and buy what it is that I need. For me, not wasting time is far more important. My father died at 60, and 60 is nothing these days. I don’t want to waste my life saving for the things I need to make life better right now. You can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.

Matt: Helen has a tendency to buy things without talking to me about it first. Last week, she bought a whole new smart home security system that we didn’t really need (we totally did need because it has Google integration AND UK police despatch! Plus I’m selling on Ring to make our money back, hopefully!). She also has a tendency to buy things in bulk, which we don’t have the room for; tissue boxes, spray cleaners, sponge fingers… I could go on… (giggles)

4. What is something you bought as a couple but would be embarrassed for your parents to know?

Helen: For all of her crimes, my mother is literally the coolest mother I know and I don’t think anything would shock her. She knows what I’m into so if she saw any of our toys then she’d probably just call me a “kinky bitch” and laugh it off. Mum is currently casually dating a man who is into our lifestyle so she’s basically shockproof right now. I was thinking about some of my lacier, racier lingerie, that might be a shock for her! As a couple though? I can’t think of anything. See question 3 above, I’m the shopaholic and Matt doesn’t spend, so we don’t really do couple shopping…

Matt: My Dad doesn’t know about our alternative lifestyle, so anything there would be an issue. I don’t think I’d be embarrassed if he found out though. Uncomfortable? Yes, but not embarrassed.

 5. What money-related thing have you hid from your significant other?

Helen: The cost of his signed Alan Shearer shirt and the cost of his signed Dave Grohl photo. What can I say? You can’t put a price tag on love…

Matt: I think the same pretty much. We don’t have a joint account, apart from for savings, but we trust one another not to go spending crazy amounts of money.

Bonus: If you received $1,000,000 usd right now would you tell people? Why or why not?

Helen: Probably only my immediate family. My family have started investing in precious metals, which is something I’m a bit iffy about and don’t much fancy myself. It’s great while the interest rates are going up, but when they drop? Yeah, I don’t want that kind of stress in my life. I’d want them to know that I was financially secure without taking those kinds of risks, but not more than that. I also feel like if people knew I had $1,000,000 , I’d be the go-to girl for nights out and ice creams, and I know better than those games. If I buy you a drink or an ice cream or whatever, it’s because I want to, not because you asked me to.

Matt: Again I think likewise, I’d only tell people close to me. I wouldn’t tell that Kitten though…

Helen: Hey!

Matt: Mwahaha…

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this new format. I’ll be back later with a little something else for you all 😉

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun,

Helen & Matt xx

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