TMI Tuesday, 20th April 2021 – Money Honey

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Good evening lovelies,

After a busy day in the garden, we’re finally back with tonight’s questions. Our sincere apologies that we missed last week, we were shifting our lounge around and by the time we’d done that and moved two 54-litre fish tanks, we were beyond knackered! There’s still a small bit to do but things are finally looking organised, post-lockdown.

And now, let’s get back on with the show!

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1. Has money ever ruined a relationship for you?

Helen: Actually, yes. I dated a guy for a short while who, you know, he was an established author, so he wasn’t poor. Anyway, not only did he turn up to our first date suited and booted, he laughed when I was afraid to come out of the store that I was taking shelter in because of the heavy rain and thunderstorm, he bought all the drinks, he bought food and then he acted like I owed him my body. He wanted to become my Dominant but he kept insisting I do punishments that I wasn’t comfortable with and telling me he wanted to do things with me that I didn’t want to do. The final straw? I found out that he had a crush on a girl at a local BDSM event and he told me to let him know if she’s ever available. I didn’t hang around and I dropped his ass on the kerb right there. So yeah, money has ruined a relationship before for me, but too much of it, rather than too little.

Matt: Once. I don’t like to bitch about it, but she basically turfed me out the same day that I lost my job. She is how Helen and I met, and we both have beef with her. Despite that though, it’s not why we’re together.

Helen: That would be the dogs. Once you knew I had and love dogs, you were sold.

2. Have you ever successfully negotiated a pay raise?

Helen: Sweetie, I am my own boss, so no, where is the need? In all seriousness though, the DWP don’t take to it too kindly if you try to heckle how much they should give you in benefits. It’s always nice when they do raise it, but it’s usually only pennies, and even then, it’s only ever promptly followed by a rent, tax and utilities increase…

Matt: Despite being in the same job for almost eight years? No, I have not.

3. What piece of MONEY advice would you tell your younger self?

Helen: No matter how much you want those flashy Habbo Hotel Club items, they are NOT WORTH IT! Put the money aside for your eighteenth and start adulthood debt-free.

Matt: Invest. I don’t know what in, but research, and invest wisely.

4. Have you ever paid for sex or been paid for sex?

Helen: Only as a joke, and naturally ladies, the response to which is to give him an air-kiss on the cheek and say “honey, on your salary? You could never afford me”. Luckily, he was just my smart-arse husband!

Matt: No, I’m not that good 😉

5. Are you hiding a financial secret?

Helen: Nope. I’m not rich and people know I’m not rich. I have a safe with money in it that not many people know about but it’s probably only got about £200 in it, anyway. Mostly, we just shove change and the like in there once it’s been counted and bagged up. We’re saving for a back door and/or conservatory at the moment, so the more money that gets thrown and locked in there, the less tempted we’ll be to splash out on a lazy Friday takeaway!

Matt: I wish I did have… a few hundred grand in offshore investments would be a dream!

Bonus: Have you made someone smile today? If not, please take up the challenge and make someone smile.

Helen: Haha, yes. So it goes, I was out in the garden doing some work and I asked Matt to pass my water bottle through the window, which I’d left on the side. Anyway, me being me and being playful, I said “thankyou, Jeeves!” in a really teasing, over-the-top voice that was meant for Matt, knowing that he’d just shoot me a look, and that would be that. Well he smiled a bit, my neighbour overheard it and he said “Did you just call him Jeeves?!”, to which I laughed. He then laughed and shook his head and called me a cheeky one, and I mean yeah, if you don’t know this by now then why are you even here, reading my blog? I’m playful, I’m mischievous, if I’m tormenting you, it’s because I think you’re good fun. If I’m not tormenting you, then I’m probably wondering how quickly I can get you to leave.

Matt: Helen, I told her there were five Quorn nuggets for dinner instead of four, and initially she got really upset because she thought it was five instead of six, which is the normal amount of the battered Quorn nuggets she sometimes has for lunch. Then she realised that I’d cooked her some southern fried Quorn nuggets and there was one left in the bag, so I cooked her up five instead of four, which is her usual portion size of those because they’re larger. Once she realised she was getting an extra nug for lunch, she went from a stressed out hangry adult to a great big excitable kid in nanoseconds!

Alright lovelies, I hope you enjoyed this post and I do apologise for our disappearance last week. Wherever you are, I hope the weather has warmed up for you and, if you’re not enjoying them already, you will see an easing of restrictions soon.

Until next time,

Stay safe & have fun

Helen & Matt xx

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3 thoughts on “TMI Tuesday, 20th April 2021 – Money Honey

  1. This was such a fun read- I laughed so hard at your reply for if someone asks to pay you for sex!

    I once dated a guy who would never pay for anything and wouldn’t let me pay for it either and it was super annoying. I know he worked hard but was trying to save for university so I had no problem paying for half or even the full bill but he never let me and at the same time he wouldn’t want to pay either so if we went out to eat he would make us order the cheapest stuff on the menu and we would never anything that cost money. That really ruined the relationship. I feel like it’s 2020, you shouldn’t mind letting your girlfriend pay for half or even everything if she doesn’t have a problem with it.

    1. Haha, well I’m glad!

      Oh my goodness, that sounds like such an ordeal. Matt can kind of be like that but he knows I stand my ground and o he doesn’t push it too hard. Let’s say Matt orders some groceries for dinner, he knows I’ll just order them next time, or buy something else that we needed. Half the time, I have stuff turning up that I’ve ordered that we needed and Matt didn’t even know we needed it lol. To date someone who wouldn’t have fun unless he paid for it though? That sounds very ungrateful. Put your pride aside and live for the moment. If the relationship lasts and you get a well-paid job with your qualifications, you can always plan a nice surprise as a thankyou gift then anyway.

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